Shanghai- for the love of travel and jewelry...

by Lynette Novak April 25, 2016

Shanghai- for the love of travel and jewelry...

I love to travel and will repeat this as my mantra the next few days as I recover from my recent 10 night trip to Asia. Jet lag is the yin to travel's yang I suppose. This is not my usual time of year to make this trip and it was such a blessing to see Shanghai once more in all it's spring glory.  I was able to take a day off and enjoy seeing some of the most peaceful parts of the city, meet new friends, return for the first time to a favorite restaurant of Melissa's and mine, visit the flower market (I have a serious love of flowers) and design over twenty new jewelry designs.  Most of these designs are small batch (based on materials discovered and available) which are then hand made with care by myself or two amazing women I've been working with for more than 6 years.

Shanghai is a huge city that can both fascinate and frustrate!  It is hard to describe how fast this city is changing yet still feels so much the same.  My life is enriched by the two years of living here and for each and every return trip I am privileged to make. Below are photos from this April's trip (all taken with my LG4) Enjoy, Lynette

PS jewelry photos coming soon :)

shades of white from the Dreamliner

room with a view- 52nd floor of the Renaissance Hotel Zhongshan Park Shanghai

morning walk in Zhongshan Park-peonies in bloom!

Zhongshan Park Shanghai-yin yang- harmony and balance with my favorite Joseph Seibel metallic, made for walking sneakers!

morning dancing- I could have watched for hours and they make it look so easy and graceful.

Juxtaposition of old and new in Shanghai.  Taken from the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel Yu Yuan Garden.  Maybe the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world will be open to the public on my next visit.

recycling by bicycle 

What initially captured my attention was the flowers that add some beauty to an otherwise unattractive building.  When I look at it now,  it is also shows how scooters are now more prevalent than bicycles in Shanghai.  

Hongqiao Flower Market Shanghai- one of my old and still favorite places in the city.

I spy a fishy :)

succulents are popular in Shanghai too!

Xintiandi, a pretty part of the city! For an interesting article on 'Why Xintiandi isn't Shanghainese' click here.

The Langham Hotel Xintiandi Shanghai- the distinct windows of the Andaz Hotel  are in the background.  While taking a peak at the hotel- I was surprisingly connected to Facebook and Instagram.  I returned 5 days later to try again with no luck and these blossoms were finished for the year.

My last morning walk in Zhongshan Park-Shanghai.  

Have you been to Shanghai?  If yes, what's your favorite restaurant, hotel, market, etc? I'd love to hear about your experiences!



Lynette Novak
Lynette Novak